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  • Our philosophy

    From our studies in Berlin, Paris and Cambridge to our daily work, we quickly realized that being better dressed makes a better impression. However, we quickly found that workwear fashion is often especially bland and standardized. We sought the perfect blend of femininity and comfort – but in vain.

    And so we started to consider what a perfect business wardrobe would be, and put our ideas to the test in daily banking routine. Outfits that can be worn at work any time, anywhere. Looks that are comfortable and business-appropriate, yet always individual and feminine. A blend of timeless elegance and comfort.

    Our core idea was the mix-and-match principle. The easy way to build an individual business outfit that saves both time and costs. Many of our basics drew on great style icons and powerful personalities like Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich as their inspiration.

    Veronika und
    Stephanie Trojan